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a snapshopt of our next events



October 12, 2019   6pm


Charity Basketball Game

vs Henderson Hoopers (KY)

to benefit JADASA

@ the North County Christian School

845 Dunn Road   Florissant, MO  63031

Admission:  $20




























October 19, 2019   6pm


Charity Basketball Game

vs All Frontier Attack

@ the North County Christian School

845 Dunn Road   Florissant, MO  63031

Admission:  $20




















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2019 FINAL


1.  South Florida Gold 18-0

2.  San Francisco City Cats 19-0

3.  Syracuse Stallions 22-1

4.  Jacksonville Giants 19-1

5.  Wyoming Valley Clutch 18-2

6.  Steel City Yellow Jackets 17-2

7.  Port City Tornados 17-3

8.  Team Trouble 19-3

9.  Richmond Elite 14-1

10. Binghamton Bulldogs 20-5

11. St. Louis Spirits 15-3

12. Chicago Fury 16-4

13. Chicago Knights 14-4

14. Baltimore Hawks 14-6

15. San Diego Kings 12-5

16. San Diego Guardians 12-5

17. Worcester 78's 11-5

18. West Michigan Lake Hawks 12-5

19. Tri City Blackhawks 13-5

20. Philadelphia Cannons 10-5

21. Indiana Lyons 14-8

22. Music City Jazz 10-5

23. Orange County Novastars 10-7

24. Akron Aviators 10-7

25. T-Atlanta Storm 9-6  

         Team Network 9-6

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Monday, July 9, 2019 - St. Louis, MO – a Season of Changes


It's the summer of 2019 and the entire basketball world appears to be going through changes from the NBA on down. The Toronto Raptors are the NBA Chamos for the 1st time. The Warriors have revamped their roster, losing the 2 Finals MVPs. Westbrook is leaving OKC and much more. Things are no different in the ABA which has added over 30 teams for the 2019-20 season.


Change has also come to St. Louis. Head Coach, Dave Strode has resigned his post at the helm for the South Central Division powerhouse Spirits to pursue new career opportunities. Strode leaves with an impressive record of 30-9 and 2 playoff berths. However, the Spirits are moving forward and make a blockbuster aquisition of new Head Coach, Tre Hewitt. Hewitt has had immense success in the midwest in the Show Me State League, ProAm competitition and other area leagues. He has a proven history and ability to attract the top talent in the St. Louis area.


That being said, the Spirits roster promises to be very different this season. Hewitt and Cannon are currently in talks with several new player prospects to upgrade the already strong team and to compete for an ABA Championship.


Catch the Spirits all year. The journey begins now.



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