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The Show will go on!  October 13, 2020 - St. Louis, MO


2020 has been a year like no other in the history of the United States or most of the world.  The spread of sickness, loss of life and the effect on our society has been catastrophic to say the least.  Yet the resolve of our people continues to press forward and we are looking for brighter days to come.  


As we move forward towards "normal", the ABA and the St. Louis Spirits will be doing our part as we prepare to have ABA Live Action this fall.  The ABA Season will go on with a delayed start and live games as soon as Oct 31st.  


Whether you come to see the Spirits live or on our virtual platforms, we hope that you will enjoy PRO BASKETBALL in ST LOUIS this year.


Watch for tickets and promotional info at or on all of our social media. #GoSpiritsGo

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#3 Ryan Hill

2017-18 MVP

#23 Justin Sims

2018 - 19 MVP


#2 Martavian Payne

2019-20 MVP