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a snapshopt of our next events



January 5, 2019  6pm

vs Houston (TX) Red Storm

@ the North County Christian School

845 Dunn Road   Florissant, MO  63031

Admission:  $20
















January 25, 2019   6pm

vs Henderson Stars

@ the North County Christian School

845 Dunn Road   Florissant, MO  63031

Admission:  $20















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as of Dec 9, 2019


1.  Syracuse Stallions 7-0

2.  Wyoming Valley Clutch 7-0

3.  Hub City Hogs 6-0

4.  Binghamton Bulldogs 7-1

5.  Chicago Fury 6-1

6.  West Mass Zombies 6-1

7.  Baltimore Hawks 6-1

8.  Indiana Lyons 9-2

9.  Tri City All Stats 5-0

10. Orange County Novastars 6-1

11. Topeka Sizzlers 5-1

12. West Michigan Lake Hawks 5-1

13. Team Trouble 5-1

14. Elite Kings of Queens 6-1

15. Camden Monarchs 5-1

16. Magic City Surge 5-1

17. Steel City Yellow Jackets 6-2

18. St. Louis Spirits 6-2

19. Mobile Jesters 4-1

20. Richmond Elite 4-1

21. Chico SuperKats 4-1

22. South Phoenix Knights 4-1

23. New Mexico Bull Snakes 401

24. San Diego Surf 4-1

25. T- Ephrata Thunder 6-3  Atlanta Storm 5-2


Teams to watch:  Jacksonville Giants, Las Vegas Royals, Southwest Warriors, Fredericksburg Grizzlies, Virginia Veterans, San Francisco City Cats, Nassau County Pride.

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Monday, December 9, 2019 - St. Louis, MO – The Spirits Roll


The St. Louis Spirits are settling in and beginning to come into form as one of the more dominant teams in the Midwest.  After this past weekend the Spirits climb the rankings a bit more into the #18 spot.  


On Saturday, the Spirits knocked off the Topeka Sizzlers and handed them their first ever regular season loss in a lopsided victory.  The Sizzlers came to St. Louis in the #5 spot in the ABA Top 25 Power Rankings only to be dethroned by a hungry Spirits team that is coming into its own.



Spirits  136

Sizzlers 93



Then there was the game that needs no introduction and you throw all records and standings out the window when the Missouri Capitals come to town.  The Spirits jumped out early on the Capitals in the first period and held on to a solid halftime lead of 89-68.  However the Capitals came out strong in the 2nd half and shrunk the margin to stay in the game into the 4th period.  In the end the Spirits firepower overwhelmed the Capitals and they came away with the second convincing victory of the weekend.



Spirits   153

Capitals  116



The Spirits are set to take the show on the road to Chicago against this week's #5 Chicago Fury and a return trip to Columbia, MO against the rival Missouri Capitals.  Follow the Spirits all season long.  


Tickets and team information is available now at

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American Basketball Association (ABA)

Great Plains Division Standings

as of December 9, 2019


St. Louis Spirits           6-2


Topeka Sizzlers          5-1


Missouri Capitals        1-6


Kansas City Grillers    DNP

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