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a snapshopt of our next events




Due to COVID19 Virus Concerns



as of March 2, 2020


1.  Wyoming Valley Clutch 19-0

2.  Jacksonville Giants 23-1

3.  Mobile Jesters 15-1

4.  Syracuse Stallions 18-2

5.  Chicago Fury 17-2

6.  Tri City All Stars 15-0

7.  Indiana Lyons 19-3

8.  San Francisco City Cats 15-3

9.  Steel City Yellow Jackets 15-3

10. Camden Monarchs 15-4

11. Nassau County Pride 13-3

12. T - Baltimore Hawks 14-4  

         Elite Kings of Queens 14-4

13. Binghamton Bulldogs 13-5

14. T - Chicago Angels 11-4  

         San Diego Kings 11-4

15. T - Jersey Express 11-4  

          Chico Superkats 11-4

16. Atlanta Storm 12-4

17. North Texas Prowlers 12-5

18. T - West Michigan Lake Hawks 11-4  

         Atlanta Aliens 11-4

19. Fredericksburg Grizzlies 13-6

20. St. Louis Spirits 11-5

21. T - West Mass Zombies 12-6  

        North Alabama War Dawgs 12-6

22. Ephrata Thunder 13-6

23. San Diego Surf 10-6

24. Wisconsin Blaze 10-6

25. Elmira Eagles 14-7


Teams to Watch:  

Richmond Elite 13-1,

Quad City Flames 10-4,

Austin Bats 10-4,

York Buccaneers 11-3,

Chicago Steam 10-3,

Central Valley Aztecs 12-1.  

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Sunday, April 19, 2020 - ABA Prepares for 2020 season


St. Louis, MO - In the midst of some of the toughest times in American history, ABA leaders continue to prepare for the upcoming season.  Although the death count across the country has been tragic, reaching over 40,000 this weekend, the hopes are that the mittigation plans to reopen the economy are successful and will take our community to a place where we can safely enjoy basketball this fall.

This will take some great effort by all in our community and the preparation of league leadership to bring the ABA back on schedule this fall and get things back to "normal".  We are sure that there will be some adjustments made to keep everyone safe and that information will be coming soon.  Until then, we continue to pray for our community and all of the families that have been affected by this pandemic.  We will make it through this together.

Please continue to follow the  advice of health experts and do those things that will reduce risk to yourselves and others and we will see you in the fall."


For more information, visit

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